Tips for Creating Facebook Events and Promoting Events

The Facebook event application platform is one of the most powerful popular tools. And it is a unique type of calendar-based resource that can be used for an event or occasion. Facebook events can be created by the user itself, and then it can be fixed or private to anyone. Users can invite his family and friends etc. very easily. It is a way to engage the maximum number of users on a special occasion. If you have invited someone to the event, they can ignore or accept it. And now you want to get help in creating a Facebook event, then you can contact them on the direct Facebook event frame.

The live events marketing has diminished through the use of online advertising; then with the majority of the event marketing then now being completed through social media channels. The more benefits to promoting an event online are that it much more cost-effective and the large audience can be reached. Your event promotion will be online, you will still need to do work to successfully market your events through social media channels. 

Easy way creating Facebook events

Facebook event is scheduled within facebook and allows you to notify facebook users of the upcoming online events such as webinars or live chats or offline events such as seminars or book launches. The anyone facebooks events as long as they have a facebook profile. There are two types of facebook event public events and private events. 

  • Private facebook events: Private event is only visible to peoples who are invited and includes to option to the allow guests to invite their friends. 
  • The people who are not invited cannot see any details related to the event such as the event description and well posts.
  • Public facebook events: public events are visible to anyone on and off facebook or anyone can view all events related the more information such as the event description and wall posts. 
  • Facebook event is very powerful for businesses as they can be promoted to more people in a short space of tie and help drive ticket sales and increase attendance rates.
  • Also make facebook event a very powerful marketing tool, the fact that guests can invited other people to attend and so you can really benefit from word of mouth considering the facebook users have an average of more friends.
  • The create a facebook event simply login to your Facebook profile and then click on events then click on create.
  • Decide you want to make your even a public and private one or make sure you fill in the all information requested such as an event name, the date and time, the location and a details description of the event that will entice people to attend.
  • The facebook event image size is 758×295 pixels so it fits perfectly or makes sure the image chosen illustrates your event perfectly, the branding of the events and much information about the events as possible to entice people to register.
  • The effective banners usually include a strong underlines that headline the benefit of attending as well as a scarcity element such as the ticket sales end tonight.
  • Start inviting your existing facebook friends to your event. They will get notified and the invitation will also be featured under than their events tab.

Facebook event management cycle should be familiar to you:

  • Planning to the event: From the idea to focus on the action plan.
  • The organizing event: From an action focus plan to execution.
  • Promote the event: Spreading the word and selling tickets.
  • Host the event: The making sure things run smoothly on the day.
  • After the event: Thank yous and follow us.

Creating a new Facebook events

Once all is set, then follow our guide to creating a new facebook event

  • Navigate to the facebook event page and then click the create events button at the button left corner side of the screen.
  • A select create a public event from the drop-down menu to make public then not an invite-only event.
  • The upper right side corner of the screen and select your brand’s Facebook page. The event to that account, or ensure that you can properly promote it.
  • Fill out all the info on the screen. Then a quick overview of each, then broken down by category.

Basic information

  • Events video or photo: Upload your cover photo for the event. Then also show in filed as well on the recommended event page.
  • Enter the name of the event.
  • Location: Put the right address of your event here then try and be as specific as possible.
  • You can then choose how often the event happens then live the blank if its one-off event.
  • Starts: The put the start and end of your event here.

Details creating facebook events

  • Put the category of your event, this will help people find it.
  • Put the description of your event here. And show in your events bio box.
  • Schedule multiple acts or speakers then put them here.
  • Add the keywords that are related to your event here. This category, will affect how people find your post, sure to use good keywords.
  • If your event is kid-friendly, check it this box.
  • The selling tickets for your event. The put link to buy them here, then the link will be added to your events information box.

Best Ideas to Promote Your Facebook events

The using facebook is a fantastic way of the marketing a new event one billion active Facebook users around the word o it is an ideal marketing tool if you target customers then who are social media savvy. Lets some tips to help you make the most out of promoting an event through Facebook.

Name the event keep in short and sweet

  • The facebook members now view their invite in calendar format means that only three and four words of your event name will appear on their events page.
  • If your event creating h long title does not clearly display will be happening, your facebook friends may overlook it, it is best to give the event a name short and sweet.
  • The event description should also be snappy and simple. Only are some lines are provided before the facebook automatically trims preview, stick to detailing the basics.

The events banners

  • Take to the advantage of the event banner space by uploading high quality, then the professionally designed image.
  • You use an image of your company’s logo and use a promotional graphic containing details about the event.

Invited to the Facebook event

  • After successfully your creating facebook event, to invite every single one of your facebook friends to you’rember you want to avoid annoying your friends or having them ignore your future invitations then instead of spamming your friend list, will be interested in attending or benefiting from the event. 
  • The targeting friends that are the more likely to respond and join the event, you will maximize the engagement level. 
  • Thankfully there are a few things you can do to speed up the process than such as invite your friends by their location, group list. 


  • Running competitions is a fun way to get people involved and then build a buzz too. The offer to pick a person at random to give away a free prize to if they share the events on their Facebook wall. 
  • Better the prize, then the more people will be willing to share.

The customer interaction

  • You are a monthly event, ask the previous customers to the post image of the last month’s event that 6took place and tag the event and anyone relevant or involved in the image will entice others to the come next event you will be holding.  

Monitor and maintain facebook event

  • Let a customer inquiry go unanswered. you sure that your social media manager or team then keep updated on any notifications relating to the event.
  • Sure to the answer any questions as soon as possible and then try to like whenever someone joins or shares the event.
  • Your event monitor wall daily and be sure that your spam posts delete or hide them. This will ensure that this page will maintain a professional look.  

Some mistakes to avoid making on your facebook events page

You had the clever idea to create an event page on facebook. Some problem is you feel like your Vente page is not as successful as it could be. This sound familiar to you could be time for an intervention. Read for a list of mistakes you might be making on your events the facebook page and wayes to get around them.

  • You give long-winded, snooze-worthy status updates: The status updates that are too long are a surefire way to the make your audience lose interest. The use your website and blog for longer posts and the on social media keep the information provocative concise and to the point.
  • You are posting way too often: do not feel the need to post repeatedly throughout the day. Some experimenting to figure out when your target audience is the most active, and once you determine this, the schedule posts for that time. 
  • You failed to use a powerful image: The success of Pinterest has confirmed, live in a world that is all is all about image, you want to your event page to be effective, you have to use effective images. Promotional filers and posters are great to use as images. If you do not have a lot of graphic design resources at your disposal, you should at least incorporate the logo of your company into the image. 
  • You forget then add to important link: Unless you are putting the right things on your event page, there is absolutely then no point in creating one. The on the event page, you should post the link to the event website, the sign-up, and relevant press releases.
  • You did not attempt to engage on your page: The interacting and engaging with your audience is crucial to the success of your events facebook page. like the posts people in the attendance create or comment on them.  
  • You did not follow up with pictures and posts after the event: As soon as the event ends, you should post, the thoughts about how the event went, etc. this is the great publicity, and it will make the people who the missed out definitely want to be there next time.  


Hope this blog will give you the proper and suitable information regarding the Facebook event. Further, if you getting any problem related to this error or regarding the Facebook events then you can contact our Facebook customer service team through the facebook phone number for a fast and best solution.



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