Facebook Not Working? How to fix common Facebook issues

Is Facebook not working for you? there is an immediate solution to the problem of facebook is a mobile site. this is a lightweight, and the mobile browser optimized app that the can give you almost everything in the facebook app can you give including notifications. Indeed some folks rely entirely on a Facebook mobile app or have uninstalled the facebook apps altogether. this can also help conserve battery life on your phone as well. we have the whole list of the facebook alternative apps.

Solve Facebook problems & errors and how to fix them

Mostly everyone uses Facebook, but can we agree that it kind of sucks? We will cover fixes for some of Facebook’s most obnoxious issues so you don’t have to put up with them anymore and to get more information about facebook you can click on Facebook down.

Corrupted facebook page

I had to help fix a windows 8 laptop that is two problems. One is no wireless connection, I ended up having to the wireless devices to get that is issue fixed. In the case is I just went to the device manager then to the found the wireless adapter listing, and right-clicking on it and the chose to uninstall. Then it was the matter of restarting the system and to re-install the driver. 

The second problem is that creating a facebook page was all screwed up. Used his cases by the corrupted temporary files so clearing the cache normally fixed a problem. They were using the app version of window 8 to start the screen. In that case, point to the aright corner of the screen with your mouse, and then click setting, option, history, select. Then te clicks browsing history or cached images. 

It does not work. I went to the control panel, internet option, advanced tab, and reset button. In a box that pops up, the checked to delete personal settings. then clicked again reset. 

Forgotten the password

People are issues forgotten passwords. If you put on the wrong password you are then taken another page which provides you an option to fix that problem. There is the usual two option forget password and request a new one. Just click and then follow through.

Hacked account
  • If you suspect your Facebook account was the hacked try to this recover facebook account.
  • Just on my account is compromised or follow-through from here.
The server error

There are many issues I have had to deal with over the years. One involved the guy getting the server error 500 and something. The can not remember the exact number. He could not get on the facebook biot the other users on the same computer could. He did not understand this. Facebook privacy has more billion users or thousands of computer server and it is possible that your computer or somebody else is in your family can be stored on a different facebook computer. Usually, there thee is no fix for the problem until facebook fixed it on their ens.

Liking or sharing
  • Careful of what you like and share on the because you could end up installed posts items on your wall that seem to be the coming from you. I have had a number of asking people and about resetting their password because they through their account had been haked.
  • Check and the uninstall apps installed on the facebook: login and on a left-hand side of the page you will be taken to another page. Find the apps and you want to uninstall and then click on your round great option. 
Wrong username or password

Unblock someone on facebook problems signing in and it turns out they were putting a comma instead of a dot in the.com part of your email. You come across these issues, to extra careful when typing in your credentials, then the smallest typing error changing everything. 

Numbers of notifications
  • Not really a problem, you how many times have you opened up facebook and then seen a number in the brackets in the tab and the wonder what it was for?
  • Was done to the something for my uncle through his account or I saw the number was up to. I decided to go online to find out what this is number meant. Then once the source claimed it was the number of the windows opening in the background. Doubted the since such a number would surely crash the browser and the possible computer.

Facebook not working problems on the android

There are is a variety of problems faced with the facebook app on your android device. More times the app refuses to open or other times the app keeps on the crashing. Heres full list of problems you could ever possibly faced on your device.

  • Facebook app is not opening in my android.
  • Facebook app keeps crashing.
  • Facebook app is suddenly stopped not working.
  • The newsfeed does not refresh in a facebook app.
  • You can not upload photos to Facebook from your phone.
  • You o not get any notifications from the facebook app.

As you can see the list of problems is endless, and then you could be facing any problems on your device. 

In Conclusion:

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Lots of people are many issues regarding facebook not working. if you getting any problem related to this error or regarding this blog then you can contact our Facebook customer service team through the facebook events for a fast and best solution.

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