Tips for to Clear Facebook Search History and the Best Features of Facebook

When using Facebook, whenever you search for anything, it is saved in the account’s activity log. And the purpose of doing so is to improve the recommended pages and search suggestion features on the platform. There may be users who do not want Facebook to monitor those searches and find a way to clear that information. If you want to delete some of your searches. Then click on the search box. When you see the result, there is an edit button on the right side. If you are still facing many problems in doing clear facebook search history, then the solution to your problem is always near the Facebook phone number and Facebook timeline post.

Clear your Facebook search history on iPhone

You can clear your Facebook search history on the iPhone in a very easy way. Follow the points given below and proceed further.

  • Open a Facebook app on your iPhone.
  • Then you tap the search bar at the top.
  • And tap Edit.
  • Tap Clear Search.
  • Then tap on confirm.

How to clear history from Bing and Google as well

  • Clear history from bing: If Bing is your favorite search engine, then you have to go to and sign in. And then click on the menu button at the top right, going to Search History and then view and delete the search history. On the new page, you visit, look at the search history and then clear it, clear the activity, and then clear it.
  • Clear history from google: Google as one of the largest most popular search engines, not to mention other services, Google provides a huge set of information about you. It also includes the location where you also use Google Maps. And can do it. It also actually supersedes emails sent through Gmail to target ads to you.
  • If you want to clear facebook search history then you have to go to And then you will also get to see disturbances in information, including which apps you are launching on your phone, which sites you have visited, which videos you have seen on YouTube, etc. On the left side, you will see and “Delete Activity by” on a menu. “
  • If you are worried about a certain, important, picture in your history, you can remove your image searches anytime.

Good ways to clear your online history on Facebook

Below are some good ways for you to clear your online history on Facebook. So that you will not have any problem clearing online history. And if your problems are still not reducing, then you can take any time help from our unblock someone on facebook. It is always available to you.

  • First, you delete your Google search history because Google’s mission is to know everything, so some people are also surprised that the world’s most famous search engine keeps a complete record of your browsing history. But this may seem harmless to you at first: and your computer also remembers the websites you’ve visited, so it becomes very easy to access them later.
  • If we talk about tracking, many people are unaware that Google also tracks your physical location.
  • The good news is that you can delete all that data, and you can also easily clear your history from your computer.
  • You can delete your Facebook search history. But do you know that Facebook keeps the same type of records on Google? If anything, Facebook’s data is even more personal, such as clubs and past shares with social networks.
  • Facebook is logged by you, you can delete it if you want. Facebook is also tracking you in photos. You can review all photos tagged with them.
  • In the left column of the Activity Log under Photo, Like and Comment, go to the More link and click. Then the scroll is down and clicks on the search link. And now here you will see a list of every Facebook search that you have made to date. You can clear Facebook search history in an easy way by clicking on the cross-circle icon on the right.
  • Google has tens of millions of users, and its company name is synonymous with “finding information”, but you don’t need to use Google, and working as a service, there are other ways to navigate. And you can also use a secret search engine.

Best and very useful features of Facebook

Among the features of Facebook, the best features are shown in detail below. Which helps you a lot.

  • Facebook live videos: You do not need any additional apps to use this feature: the live video content prompt is located in the general “update status” prompt in the mobile application.
  • Facebook at work: Facebook at Work is the Facebook enterprise solution, and they have a very attractive combination of sales: an enterprise social solution that many people are familiar with. For communications professionals, this means that in the near future you can also have internal communication in a closed Facebook ecosystem.
  • Good search: When Bing dropped Facebook’s Internet search as a search provider providing power, few people knew that Facebook would be Bing’s place. And Facebook may become a major driver of search activity in the future.
  • Facebook shopping tab: Facebook has rolled out a shopping tab for a very small number of users, with payment results similar to Google’s shopping tab. Communication professionals need to be able to partner with marketers to take advantage of this feature for increased sales, and that too when it is rolled out on a large scale.
  • Instant article: Facebook introduced an instant article for iOS and a feature that allows publishers to view their content directly inside the Facebook app. Instant articles were also extended to Android devices. A feature designed to mimic Snapchat’s agile, niche content, instant articles can be viewed on almost all mobile devices with great access compared to Snapchat or similar Apple News apps.
  • Music stories: We are introducing “Music Stories” today for better music discovery and sharing Unneh on Facebook. The newest post format also allows people to listen to the preview on Facebook from Apple Music and Spotify. You can read more about it on Facebook for the media.

In Conclusion:

I hope you have liked this blog. Many people have many issues with a clear facebook search history. If you are having any problem related to this blog. Then you can contact our Facebook customer service team through Facebook down for a fast and best solution.

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