How to Create and Delete Facebook Timeline Post

With Facebook’s timeline features, you can also leave your friends’ messages – and stop their feeds with mindless pictures. In any case, your friends’ timeline can only be seen through its profile page, not your newsfeed or Facebook landing page. And after you find her profile, you can post your message, link – and even the latest funny one – in a few steps. To get more information about the Facebook timeline post you can click on the Clear facebook search history.

The Best Way to Delete a Post from Your Facebook Timeline

If you have a lot of public posts that you want to hide or delete, Facebook has a tool for this. This is the best way to correct the problem you are facing today. And here are some ways to remove old posts from Facebook.

  • You open Facebook on your web or mobile app, and if necessary, sign in or switch to your account, and locate your Facebook timeline post you want to delete.
  • Select the three dots that appear in the top corner of the post.
  • And choose Delete from the dropdown list of options.
  • Facebook will then ask you to confirm your deletion. And if you want to go ahead, select delete.
  • The post will no longer be on your timeline. You cannot undo it after deleting it.
  • On the top right click on Facebook, click on Security Lock, and select Settings See More Settings, and go to the Limit Past Post and click. And you should also see the following message popup; To change the visibility of all your old posts to “Friends” only, click the blue “Restrict old posts” button.
  • Fix Timeline settings: You make sure that your timeline settings are what you want. Once again, click on the top-right security lock on Facebook and also click on the timeline and tagging settings in the left pane.
  • You then make sure that the first, fourth, fifth and seventh options are set to “Friends,” or whatever you like personally.
  • Deep Facebook cleaning: Now you have cleared your Facebook timeline post from old, forgotten posts. Now you can update any worrying picture or status and can walk without worrying anyone and live your life without any problems.

Hide to your facebook posts from certain people

  • Look for that Facebook post of yours. Which you want to hide from some people, either by searching it in your feed or on your profile timeline.
  • On the web, select the down arrow that appears next to the date. On the app, tap on the three dots that appear in the upper corner of the post, then you tap on Edit Privacy.
  • Now select the post you want to see the post. You have to see more or all to see additional visibility options.
  • If you select something like Friends excluding friends or specific friends, Facebook will also ask you to specify whom you want to include and not to include. You may also have to select Save Changes when you are done setting up your visibility options.
  • Now you can easily change the visibility of any Facebook post you have or before adding a new one.

Ways to post to someone’s timeline on Facebook

With Facebook’s timeline feature, you can leave your friends’ messages – and in any case, your friend’s timeline can only be viewed through his or her profile page, not your newsfeed or Facebook landing page. After you find her profile, you can post your message or link – and even the latest funny meme – in a few quick steps.

  • You can find your friend by using the search bar. While anyone with the same name appears on the list, the people associated with your friend list appear first with their profile pictures, making them even easier to find.
  • Find your friend’s name in the list and then click on it to load their timeline.
  • Click on the text field that says “Write something” and you start typing a message. Your message can be about any topic, but all your friends and their friends will be able to see it.
  • Click “Post” after posting your message on your “Timeline”. And if he is also online or he is not in his next login, he will get this notification immediately.
  • Write a note in the “Write something” text field to let your friend know that you’re sharing the link with him or why he might enjoy it instead of completing it.
  • And paste the link in the text field at the end of your message. The link should load a preview pane on the message, which usually displays the title of the website, and a preview picture and a brief description. If the page has no primary image, no preview image appears.
  • You click on the “Post” button to share the link and message with your friend.
  • Posting Images and Video: Click the “Photo / Video” option at the top of the box. And add a message with a picture by typing in the box, which should now say “Say something about it.”
  • Go to the box with the symbol and click to open the window to select the image or video.
  • Select your picture that you want to add and to add it to the post go to “Open” and click. videos and images can be selected from this window.
  • In the picture, you enter the name of anyone “Who were you?” Text field, if applicable. Then to add a picture to your friend’s timeline go to “Post” and click.

Tips for Create a Facebook Profile and Facebook Timeline Post

Using Facebook is not as easy as it seems. Many people are also embarrassed to admit that they hardly know how to use Facebook. They are surprised to find login to Facebook and stare at their publisher or Facebook status box. Most Facebook users, even newbies, know that it is the box where you type in the status message and friends. Upload photos to share with – and the content below is their “news feed”.

  • First of all, you sign up, go to, enter your required information and then click “Sign up”.
  • Then you can add a profile picture. Go to “Edit Profile” and click on the top left corner of the page.
  • Then you click “Add Photo” at the top left of the page.
  • Click “Upload photo” and you can select a photo.
  • You select a picture and click “Open”.
  • You can replace your photo the way you want and click “Save”.

In Conclusion:

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